Focus Health Ltd.
October 10, 2017

Since starting the 6 week Business Coaching Session with Mark Eyez I am pleased to say my chain of thought in regards to enhancing my business and gaining new clients has improved in leaps and bounds. I must admit that the thought of someone asking me what I have done in regards to my business each week did seem a bit daunting and somewhat intrusive. However, once the sessions started my mindset changed, this was because of the approach that Mark took, he guided but never interfered, he coaxed me into answering my own doubts and questions. His tactics though subtle, were firm and the sessions actually made me become a "doer" and not just a planner and a list maker. Coaching is truly underestimated, but having wised up I now make 6 week goals for myself, never letting situations or circumstances stir me from my goals be they business or otherwise.
Thank you so much Mark.