Facebook Advertising Strategy to Increase Your Business Revenue


Every company/business, small or big, has goals/objectives that it wants to accomplish whilst building a firm community around its services and products. There are numerous effective methods to accomplish this. However, due to the escalating competition online, it’s vital to utilize the right tools to reach your targeted audience, mainly for the growth of your business and eventually, reach your goals/objectives. Facebook Advertising is one of the many methods you can use.

For any business/company that wants to obtain a better ROI (Return Of Investment), social media is a substantiated digital advertising tool. And with Facebook Advertising being the ideal model for result-oriented social media marketing, we can declare with confidence that paid social media ads are staying!

Facebook Advertising is an effective way to boost your sales and build your brand awareness by leveraging the social feature of the website. You can accomplish this without abandoning your relationship-building activities with your existing/potential customers. Which sequentially makes your brand look more approachable and human.

Acknowledging the fact that most of the internet is quite present on Facebook, there’s a high chance that your target audience is currently using this social media platform on a regular basis. Which then means, if you utilize Facebook advertising with adequate preparation and equip yourself with the relevant knowledge, you’ll definitely get results which include generating quality leads, boosting your sales, and building a profound trust with your audience.


Without a doubt, Facebook is one of the largest social networks. Numerous businesses and marketers prefer to utilize this platform, through Facebook Advertising, to promote their services and products because it helps with growth. It helps them, without burning a hole in their wallet, to start small and receive a greater return on their investments. And, with Facebook advertising, if you’re not an expert you can utilize a Facebook advertising service to create, develop, and manage your Facebook advertising campaign.

If you are a business owner and you want to build your brand awareness as well as boost your sales, then it makes absolute sense to leverage posting your ads on Facebook using proper Facebook advertising strategies.

Let’s have a look at some reasons why Facebook advertising is the conventional move for your business to stay ahead of the competition: –

You can milk into a super-active user base with Facebook advertising

No matter the size of your business, big or small, you can’t and shouldn’t disregard the power of Facebook advertising. By taking a calculated approach, Facebook advertising can certainly drive more business in your direction. Keeping in mind that your existing and potential clients/customers are already using Facebook on a regular basis for many reasons, so it makes sense to reach out to them on a platform they are already using and are comfortable with.

The most substantial motivating factor for your business would be the fact that Facebook has, and is still producing, a large user base that is engaging and ready to be interactive with brands/business’ just like yours.

You can connect via mobile with your audience through Facebook advertising

With the number of people logging into Facebook daily and even monthly via their mobile, there’s no doubt about how beneficial Facebook advertising can be for your business. You just need to establish the kind of reach that can be available to your business when you can reach out and have access to so many people via mobile.

The kind of marketing objectives you have doesn’t matter with such a large pool of potential clients/customers to target via their mobile devices, you are guaranteed to see results from your Facebook advertising efforts. This is the reason why mobile ads from 2012-2018, account for Facebook’s growth in revenue. Most, if not all of these people who log in every day, are spending a substantial amount of time on Facebook, which is why it’s easy to connect with them via Facebook advertising.

Facebook advertising is an advanced method when it comes to reaching out to the right part of your audience to get them to take the necessary actions on your website by impressing them with relevant and interesting content.

You can’t depend on Facebook’s organic reach when there’s Facebook advertising

A lot of small and medium-sized businesses don’t realise that the content posted on their Facebook business page, reaches less than 1% of their fans/existing audience. So even if you post to your Facebook page multiple times daily, most of your fans won’t see your updates.

In the beginning, Facebook in no way restricted organic reach. But as the user-base keeps growing, and as more people are creating their own pages, the social networking beast started to diminish the visibility of a/your page’s content in the newsfeed.

This is where Facebook advertising comes into play. If you want to connect and build a relationship with your target audience using your Facebook page, you have no choice but to depend on Facebook advertising, and that’s the hard truth. In clearer words, to get the visibility you need to reach your existing/potential audience, you’ll have to pay Facebook for advertising.

Leveraging the most advanced targeting options with Facebook advertising

The most beneficial part of Facebook advertising is that you can target your ads ONLY to people who are interested in your content and the type of services/products you are selling. With Facebook advertising, there’s an extensive range of targeting options to consider. You have the options to target your ads by age, gender, location, interests, behaviour, etc. Each one of these targeting options can help you get closer to finding the right candidate and convert them into a customer. So whether you decide to opt for pay per impression (PPI) or pay per click (PPC), given the relevance of your ad to its target audience, you will notice that interested persons are visiting your website and a percentage of them are taking action.


To be a successful Facebook advertiser using Facebook advertising, you should know the significance of a good ad creative. If your ad manages to attract a potential client/customer, you’ll achieve a higher click-through rate and pay less for results that your ad generates.
Here are five things you should keep in mind in order to obtain a higher return with Facebook advertising:-

Use high quality, relevant images

You want people to be intrigued when they see your ad in their news feed. You want them to pay specific attention to the message of your ad, which should also have a specific connection to the image you choose to use. You also need to ensure that you use the right blend of colours to stand out in the newsfeed.

Be creative

With Facebook advertising, you can’t constantly use the same creative. This is especially vital when targeting the same audience. Your ad’s engagement rate may decrease if you don’t change your creative from time to time.

Use concise text in the image

In accordance with Facebook’s rule, you can’t use text beyond 20% of the image’s area. So to ensure your ads get approved, reduce the amount of text used in your image. This increases the chances of your success with Facebook advertising.

Use a catchy headline

Using an exceptional image is vital to attract eyes to your ad, but it’s not sufficient. With the use of a compelling headline, you can get more people to read your ad. When describing your product/service, keep the headline straightforward and simple, it doesn’t have to be complicated.

Keep the copy simple and short

People tend to have a short attention span when scrolling through Facebook, so you should keep your ad copy short and to the point to avoid them scrolling past your ad. Practice brevity, use 20-25 characters for your headline and less than 90 for the body, you’ll achieve better results.

Applying the aforementioned tips above becomes second nature when you gain more experience with Facebook advertising.


When used effectively, Facebook advertising can help you attain more business. Utilizing these social ads, you can drive relevant traffic to your service/product page and convert your visitors to into loyal clients/customers.

However, selling with Facebook advertising can prove to be difficult at times, especially when you are now starting out. Facebook advertising looks simple on the surface, but there is more to it. Hoping to attract customers by creating a random ad with a random video/image won’t work. If you wish to generate sales with/from Facebook advertising, you have to take concrete steps to ensure your efforts are focused in the right direction.

Here’s how Facebook advertising can boost your sales.

Leveraging Video Ads

Facebook video ads have proven to be beneficial for businesses/companies who are trying to increase their ROI (Return on Investment). How? Simple, they are five times more engaging than any other type of content. Facebook even prefers to give video ads a higher priority in the news feed. It’s a lot easier to attract potential clients/customers with a video than any regular ad. Video ads are a great way to showcase how your services/products work and how they can be beneficial to the buyer. This can strengthen your success with Facebook advertising.

When it comes to video ads, it’s not about how many ads you publish, it’s about creating a better and higher quality ad that is relevant to the audience you wish to target. By doing this, your ads will be made effective and worthwhile investments.

Use Facebook’s Multi-Product Ads

Facebook’s multi-product carousel ads can help any business to uniquely promote their services/products. The good thing about these ads is that you can showcase multiple services/products in one single ad. This enables you to give a number of options to your potential clients/customers, which then expands your chances of making sales.

Clients/customers can be very picky, they’d be in a better position to make a purchasing decision if presented with a distinct choice. Facebook’s multi-product ads can decrease your advertising expenses and produce more profitable clicks on your ads. These ads stand out from regular ads. It draws in users attention, which increases the engagement rate on your ads.

You can utilize the multi-product ads to showcase different services/products in the same range and/or show various packages of your services, aimed towards a diverse group of clients/customers. For example, you’re selling a product that has different types or versions such as a watch or a cellular phone. Your potentials can examine each version of the product and establish if the design, functionality, and price are suitable for them. The sky’s the limit if you exercise creativity with this type of ad.

Promote Your Brand’s Story

It’s only natural to try to connect with your Facebook audience like any other user-socially, as Facebook’s a social media platform. The most vital thing to keep in mind when using Facebook advertising is the social part of it and how you can best utilize it.

Perceive their mindset

Acknowledge the fact that users on Facebook are inclined to connect with others socially, including brands. They aren’t scrolling through their newsfeed looking for products to buy, which is why it’s important to keep their mindset on the forefront when creating and publishing your ads.

Show you are human

If your business shares its brand’s values and stories it creates a human connection with your potentials. By telling people and helping them understand what you stand for, selling your services/products gets easier.

Transmit Your Brand Message

Create ads that distinctly convey your brand message. Communicate and explain what your brand is about and how it’s values are unique. This will help you understand how your potentials connect with your brand and at what level. It can also help with increasing your conversion rate. The aim is to build strong and long-lasting relationships with the assistance of Facebook ads, to boost and increase your sales.

Target Your Existing Website Visitors

Facebook advertising is an effective way to find new clients/customers for your business/company from Facebook’s increasingly large user-database. You can expand your chances of turning even more Facebook users into clients/customers by targeting your already existing website users. This targeting strategy works in your business’ favour because the people who’ve already visited your website, know your brand. They’re familiar with the type of services/products you sell. You can tap into the existing connection you have with these users to convince them to do business with you.

Facebook advertising is a good way to reconnect with your website visitors, reminding them about the services/products they’ve already browsed on your website. They may even choose to join your email list if they’re not in a position to buy from you instantly, which means you can later sell to them via email.

You can not only boost your sales by targeting your website audience but also strengthen your brand identity in the eyes of those visitors.

It’s quite simple to use this targeting option. There’s a little piece of code that Facebook provides you with, known as the Facebook pixel, which you need to put on your website. This pixel helps the social network to keep track of the people who have visited your website over a period of time, who can then be targeted in the future. Once this feature has been set up, Facebook can help you target the users in its database who have already visited your website, which can then lead to more clicks on your ads and an increased conversion rate.

Target Your Existing Email List

If you have an email list, rather than going for a cold audience, it would make more sense to utilize Facebook advertising to target your existing subscribers. This is quite similar to targeting website visitors, the only difference is that the audience you are targeting in this case already has a relationship with you. Whilst you can directly send an email to them about your services/products, Facebook advertising gives you a more direct approach to them without reaching the inbox. The people on your list have chosen to subscribe, which means they trust you and your brand. They are also more likely to purchase from you as they’ve already shown interest in the type of services/products you sell. In simpler words, they are the most relevant audience you can possibly target.


If you take a calculated approach, only then can Facebook advertising really help your business. Take the measured and steady route when running your ads, instead of rushing, so that you have the ability to repeat successful ad campaigns. The aim is to get more sales on a regular basis and not be a one-hit-wonder. Facebook advertising can help accomplish a great deal of success for your business if used strategically.

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