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What You’ll Discover In Expert In Your Niche

  • The key attributes you need to be an expert in your niche.
  • The pure magic of developing a positive mindset to become an expert.
  • The right way to look at negative feedback and how you can use it to actually build up your reputation as an expert.
  • The right kind of lead generation system you need to become an expert in your niche…and reap the financial rewards it brings.
  • The insider secrets to becoming a featured expert on media channels outside your own like blogging platforms to grow your customer base.
  • Price setting like an expert: how to confidently charge what you are worth and get it nearly every time.
  • How price is linked to perception and how to alter your price to create expert status perception.
  • The tipping point of expert status and how to maintain it…and keep your income flowing.
  • The exact 5 qualities you need to succeed as an expert and how to develop them.
  • An eye popping demonstration of how a good story will boost your sales and position you as an expert.
  • Why You must listen more than you speak if you want to be an expert and boost your income and status.
  • Why ‘less is more’ is the best approach to shining like an expert at events…and selling more product or services.
  • The critical elements that define you as an expert and how to adopt those critical elements to become an expert.
  • 9 key proof elements that make you an expert in your customer’s eyes. You can have at least half of these proof elements set up by the end of this week alone.
  • The critical message your audience needs to hear over and over again the will cement you as the expert they listen to and buy from.
  • 4 external sources of ‘expert proof’ that will boost your status and income.
  • Everything you need to know about Branding –and how to leverage your branding to be perceived as an expert for more sales.
  • Where to get your website branded without spending a fortune.
  • The importance of graphic designing and how to pick the right designer for you- to grow your income.
  • How to get other people to do your sales promotional videos to boost your expert status and business.
  • Why you should never go for the cheapest outsourcer.
  • How to use challenges you have faced and overcome in your life to grow your business and income.
  • The vital importance of leads and how to get them and process them through your ‘expert funnel’ for more sales.
  • 5 ways a book will help generate profitable leads for you.
  • Why webinars are so amazing for building an expert reputation with your audience…and 5 keys to creating a profit pulling webinar.
  • The best time to put on a webinar to grow your income and sales and reputation
  • 3 different webinar platforms you should know about if you want to succeed.
  • How to build credibility by getting featured in high end publications as an expert.
  • How to get yourself featured as a reliable news source and grow your reputation almost instantly.
  • How to use hand written messages to help your customers feel welcome.
  • How to make money from email receipts.
  • The power of using a book to grow your expert status and income.
  • 4 powerful trust signals a book sends to your audience that makes them want to do business with you.
  • 4 tips for self publishing a book for achieving expert status.
  • How to get your book to be a best seller after launching the easy way.
  • Guest blogging secrets for building the authority status people love to listen to and buy from
  • How to boost your domain authority today and grow your business and reputation.
  • The insider secrets for landing speaking gigs at paid events to boost your expert status.
  • Why you can use the same presentation in any speaking event you go to –where you appear as the expert on your subject.


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