If you have watched The Secret, the name Bob Proctor is probably familiar to you. Bob Proctor is one of the chosen Law of Attraction experts who talked about the Law of Attraction in that movie. He is considered as one of the best motivational speakers in the topic of abundance and financial success.

Bob Proctor was born in Canada in the year 1935. He was never interested in education when he was on his younger years. He dropped out of high school later on. His career started when he joined the Canadian Navy and served for four years and worked at the fire department later on. It was not a good opportunity for him and had financial problems hunting him frequently. His life started to change when a friend gave him the book “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill. This book changed Bob Proctor’s life and made him earn $175,000 in one year then earning millions soon after.

Feeling inspired by the book, Bob Proctor earned his first success when he put up an office cleaning business. His business grew into a nationwide chain in just one year. He went to Chicago to work under his mentor Earl Nightingale, who guided him into deeper knowledge and understanding of the Law of Attraction. After being promoted the position of vice president of sales, he started a company teaching people a better understanding of the countless possibilities of the human potential. Bob Proctor has been traveling locally and abroad to share his learning about human potentials through speaking engagements and seminars. He then created several self-help books and programs to meet the high demands of people about his ideas and methods on the human potential.

Bob Proctor together with Mary Morrissey created the 11 Forgotten Laws to fill-in the missing components of the conventional understanding of the Law of Attraction. These 11 laws expand on the Law of Attraction to achieve its great effects. The 11 laws are the principles that formed the whole universe and do not work individually but together as one. To understand the Law of Attraction is to understand the whole 11 laws that formed the universe.

The Law of Attraction is just one of the 11 laws of the universe. The 10 others are the law of thinking, supply, receiving, increase, compensation, non-resistance, forgiveness, sacrifice, obedience, and success. People who fail to understand these laws will find themselves unsuccessful in tapping the powers of the Law of Attraction.

Bob Proctor has been continuing his mission of teaching people the power of the Law of Attraction for over 40 years now. The key to more wealth, good health, or lasting relationship is through positive thinking and action.

Bob Proctor is a famous author, counselor, speaker, entrepreneur, business consultant, and teacher teaching the people the ways to maximize the human potential, self-motivation, and positive thinking.

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